MIHA District 12

Every coach must provide:

- A New Coaches/Volunteer form every year.
- Coaches Code of Conduct form every year

- Every Coach must complete the Concussion training every    four years and provide a certificate.
(see link below)
- Team Roster with all riders information.

Every rider must have

- Horse/Rider Id form with picture horse showing all four    hooves
- Copy of Negative Coggins
- Medical Release Form

- Must provide Proof of School Enrolment
- Completed Parent/Athlete Concussion Info Sheet
- every year

General Forms

- Rider/Horse Registration Form

- Volunteer/Coaches Form
- Coaches Code of Conduct
- Team Roster - new
- HS Rider Entry Form
- JR Rider Entry Form

- Medical Release Form
- Sponsorship Form - only necessary if obtaining sponsors
Parent/Athlete Concussion info Sheet

- Camping Form 2021

- Vendor Contracts - No Vendors for 2020

Please visit for concussion training:
Coaches Concussion Training (must be done every 4 years)

- and click on Forms for all other forms

Any Questions can be directed to MIHA Dist 12 office phone